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SOS Looks @ the NEW H1000 | LD Condenser  
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win an mpa1 @ NAMMRock Band Smash Mouth Tracking Vocals with the SA538B

Multi-Platinum,Grammy nominated Pop-Rock band SMASH MOUTH working on their latest studio album. Lead Singer, Steve Harwell loves his SA538B.

K500 Best In ShowSiriusXM Chooses SCl-1’s For the Biggest of All Birthday Bashes- Howard Stern’s 60th

Two SCL-1 Compressors were used for the live music broadcast mix at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. A-List performers included: Adam Levine, Steven Tyler and Slash, Jon Mayer, Jewel, Rob Zombie, Jon Bon Jovi, Pat Monahan, and David Grohl.

K500 Best In ShowK500 Voted Best of Show

The NEW K500 Ultra Parametric 3-Band EQ Scores NAMM's Best of Show from ProSound Network (ProSound News, ProAudio Review Publications)

MPA-1 Best PreampMPA-1Voted Best Preamp
Resolutions Awards 2013

The Resolution Awards aim to recognise quality and innovation in professional audio. We thank CharterOak users for voting the MPA-1 Best Preamp.

Potluck PEQ1 Winner, Nick Gasmena
CharterOak miniMastering Suite

CharterOak miniMastering Suite was a huge success with a constant flow of traffic and a handful of lucky guests received a mastered version of their own music by Mike Deming.


PEQ1 ReviewREVIEW |CharterOak SCL1 Compressor
A compressor that crosses the threshold twice without leaving a trace, just don't ask it to pump.

" No matter what I threw at it or how hard I drove the unit, the result were never less than sonically pleasing "

AudioTechnology Magazine | Jun 2013

PEQ1 ReviewNEW |CO K500
Ultra Parametric EQ

Ultra Parametric Equalizer features high headroom, low distortion, and 3 ultra wide bands allowing for extreme flexibility. Seeking to appeal to a wide audience of audio professionals, the K500 will fit into any 500 series powered rack.

PEQ1 ReviewNEW |CO PF2
Front-address pop filter

-repells moisture
-always on axis
-no bulky goose necks


PEQ1 ReviewCharterOak PEQ-1
"The PEQ1 is one of those devices that has the magic..You will feel the glow that certain units just have." - Resolution

CharterOak surprised everyone with its unusual SCL-1 compressor a few years back. The PEQ1 is a stereo equalizer, and like the compressor this also uses some unusual principles. >more

CSN - SCL1Crosby Stills & Nash on Tour with SCL1
When Crosby, Stills & Nash headed out for their 8 month world tour, the bands FOH Mixer, Kevin Madigan brought along two CharterOak SCL1 Discrete Compressors.

After hearing the CharterOak SCL1 at the NAMM show in January. Madigan was so impressed by the demo, that he felt that the SCL1 would be a great addition to his set up for CSN’s Australia/New Zealand, South American and Summer US Tours. “I wish I had these units years ago.” “Even at 10dB+ of compression everything sounds just great, unlike anything else I’ve used”.


“The PEQ1 is one of those devices that has the magic..You will feel the glow that certain units just have.”

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